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1 May 18, 2008 20:08    

My b2evolution Version: Latest...


I need some help on having my blog to be seen with proper quality instead of the lo-fi version which is loading on the computers outside of my network!

I am running Ubuntu Server 8.04 LAMP and everything seems to be working properly except that the blog is being viewed as lo-fi!!!!!!!!

2 May 18, 2008 23:33

it isnt lo-fi , your skin files are missing.

3 May 19, 2008 11:41

ok thanks,

now from the localhost or the local network my skins work fine, if my skin files are missing, what do i do to fix that? do write permissions or the creation of certain folders have any affect?

4 May 19, 2008 13:19

try to locate the exact problem first.. try changing your skin and see if it's about the current skin or a general problem.. try re-down/uploading your files

5 May 19, 2008 17:07

That page won't load at all. Server times out.

Does your $baseurl in conf/_basic_config.php have "localhost" in it?

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