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1 May 20, 2008 13:49    


Im new. I've tried to run a search on here for Blogroll and can't find the answer I need.

My question is: Is blogroll something already on B2 or do I have to install it (is it a plug in?) - I want to be able to post links on the sidebar and I think blogroll is how I do it??

2 May 20, 2008 14:42

afaik it's nothing but a list, feel free to add your links uisng Free HTML widget.. use li that's it

3 May 20, 2008 14:45

hi Snelly,

welcome to the forums.

You want the linkblog widget, I think.
From a fresh install Blog 4 is your linkblog (but that could be any other blog if you change that). In the linkblog, create the links you want. Now in the public blog add the widget "Linkblog" to your sidebar an point it to your Linkblog (Blog ID 4 as mentioned before). That should do the trick.

Good luck

4 May 20, 2008 14:46

oh dear. I deleted the linkblog. Can I get it back?

5 May 20, 2008 15:19

No problems. Create a new blog. It will now be number 5 or so. You can choose to include the blog in the menu (that is what we call Blogroll). You can also choose to exclude it.

Good luck

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