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1 Jun 17, 2004 17:09    

I am currently using Tic tac on all my blogs with skin switching disabled and everything has been fine until an hour ago.
I logged on to my main blog page to find that for some reason the right sidebar has split itself into two after the "recent referrers" section, some of the content has migrated to the bottom of the page leaving loads of white space.
This problem has not duplicated itself on the moblog or linkblog.
Any idea why this is happening?

3 Jun 17, 2004 18:40

Thanks Isaac.
I added the line to the css and it didn't appear to make any difference.
What was strange was the fact that my other two blogs referencing the same template were not displaying this problem.
After watching the main blog for a while I noticed that each new referer that referenced the site moved the "dropped" sidebar up a fraction, now all appears ok.
Can you explain this as it hasn't happened before?

4 Jun 17, 2004 20:24

Unless I messed up at some point, this fix is already on the skins site.

5 Jun 17, 2004 20:58

I only downloaded the skin a couple of days back, when I tried to redownload it today I received a Mysql error which is still ongoing.

6 Jun 18, 2004 00:13

And now it seems to be broke again, I give up :(

7 Jun 18, 2004 00:22

Put it at the END of the CSS file - not the beginning.

Otherwise the cascading rules will override the IE fixing rule.

EDIT: Graham, you should spend less time studying and more time working on your code! hehe (j/k - if anything, I'm sure the reverse is true.) The does not contain the * html div div { overflow:hidden } fix. It should be the last rule in the file to operate properly.

8 Jun 18, 2004 07:39

This is a good point to make to anyone who thinks they're getting a bum deal with anything to do with b2evolution: all the contributors have real lives, we all have school (well, I do) or work to do in the real world. We're not supermen (or women - let's not be sexist here!). And that fix is being uploaded now ;)

9 Jun 18, 2004 08:51

Ok it has now been applied though the problem seems to have fixed itself overnight.
I need to buy me a manual on css :lol:

11 Jun 18, 2004 18:41

Umm, you really ought to get those delusions of grandure sorted out! ;)

12 Jun 21, 2004 17:20

hey, i haven?t seen this before..

There?s a good explanation in some site ?!

- Walter

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