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1 Jun 01, 2008 13:12    

Apologies if this is already requested.

I'd like to temporarily disable anyone from viewing the frontend of the blog (ie. all of the public posts, etc), while I make skin changes or generally edit the blog functionality. I don't like having to edit _basic_config, because that means I can't access the backend of the blog; and if I have access to the backend, that means visitors to my site see the blog while I add a new skin.

I tried adding a redirect using a wildcard, but my .htaccess file doesn't like it. It would be so much simpler if there was a button somewhere in the backend just to have a 'down for maintenance' message appear on my blog.

3 Jun 01, 2008 13:27

You can put this at the very top of the skins/yourskin/

die('Descriptive message.');

4 Jun 01, 2008 15:07

John wrote:

Check out this forum Maintenance Mode.

Are you referring to the categories hide, or the maintenance mode in basic config? Either way, doesn't help me. As mentioned above, using maintenance mode in basic config turns off the backend - which I need to change skins, do whatever. Categories is too time-consuming - I have hundreds.

As for sam2kb's suggestion, that would probably work better. Although again, it would be nice for a one-button thing. I have a different skin per blog page, and about 10 pages.

This is why I'm asking for the feature. I'm currently upgrading to the 2.4 version, but at the same time I'm adding in a new skin for the entire blog. As I'm upgrading from 1.10, it would be nice to access the backend while I amend widgets, etc., but have the front end offline to the rest of the world. Currently I'm using a combination of redirects and the maintenance mode while I edit everything.

Oh well... I guess I have to do it the hard way ;)

5 Jun 01, 2008 15:12


if( !is_logged_in() )
  echo 'Come back soon ;)';


6 Jun 01, 2008 15:45

Thanks Yabba. I might try it

7 Jun 01, 2008 16:56

Might? .... bloody heathen, I'm gonna stop giving ya solutions ....... assuming that hack works :roll:


8 Jun 01, 2008 17:03

... Sorry, I got caught up in the whole database tables thing. I had actually created a file earlier in the day in the hopes of doing a redirect to it; and then my .htaccess didn't like the redirect. So I simply made the file into a skin, installed it, and added it to the blog. This was before everything went haywire...

If you visit my site now, you can see how well it works. I'm working the backend, and meanwhile, nobody can access the site but me.

However, I've bookmarked this for later, and add it to my hacks once I've finished fiddling with the upgrade.

9 Jun 01, 2008 17:22

"Site offline as of 7.07pm (AEST) 1st June 2008."

I hate to break it to you like this but, there really is only one time zone and that's GMT ... the rest are just offset from reality :|

Just to hammer it home, I have no idea what AEST is ( assume Seaboard Time, maybe Summer Time?, and possibly Eastern? ... "A" .... Autumn? ... Actual? .... Antarctic? ... ohhh, that's possibly it, yer in "I need a woolly jumper" land aren't you? ) .... everyone in the world knows what GMT means :|

Glad to see you solved your problem ;)

¥ ( GMT +1, otherwise known as BST ;) )

10 Jun 01, 2008 17:41

Well, most of my visitors are Australian - and they know what AEST is. Australian Eastern Standard Time, or +10 from GMT as it is better known. I just put it there for the few random people who actually follow my blog, and for me, so I know when/what I'm doing.

At any rate, it says to come back on the 2nd June... which is today already for me, but it will encourage people to wait a little to view the site.

To answer your question: yes, a very "need a woolly jumper" day for me. Not only is it freezing in my room, but it's also one of those days where everything that can go wrong, is. On top of that - my internet connection is very demented, and keeps timing out every 30 minutes (wireless and not near the modem!).

Still, things are moving better now.

11 Jun 01, 2008 17:53

na3 wrote:

or +10 from GMT as it is better known


waaaaay ahead, but catching up wrote:

which is today already for me,

na3 wrote:

or +10 from GMT as it is better known

duh wrote:



AEST wrote:

it freezing in my room

It's summer here ( GMT+1, otherwise known as BST [ Bugger me it's Summer Time, wtf are all those clouds? ] ... and it's raining :| )

AEST+relief wrote:

Still, things are moving better now.

cool ;)


12 Jun 01, 2008 18:01

Apparently, it's 4 degrees celsius where I am right now. My room isn't well insulated, and there's no heating on. Good thing I'm wearing warm clothes!

Very envious of warm weather. Winter is always a pain in Melbourne

13 Jun 01, 2008 18:11

na3 wrote:

4 degrees celsius where I am right now. My room isn't well insulated, and there's no heating on. Good thing I'm wearing warm clothes!

Pussy ... get a real winter ( [url=]GMT - 7[/url] is supposed to be bloody cold ... and it's summer there ) :|


14 Jun 01, 2008 18:15

Ah yes. We don't get snow here, and sometimes it's easy to forget that some people do.

15 Jun 01, 2008 18:16

I heard that myth as well ... but the rain melts any snow we get ;)


16 Jun 02, 2008 14:52

:) Here it's more a matter of trying to get wet. Drought season has been going for about ten years I think :P

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