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1 Jun 09, 2008 00:53    

Hello everyone,

First, i'm looking about an advice on the choice of an editor for the 2.4 version of b2e... In fact, i visited some pages about fck, tinymce and yui editors and all seem sympathic, but don't success in making worked it!

So on a second point, could you explain me why these editors don't appear when i want to wrotte a post? Is it because i have to deactivate smileys, more tag clouds, or other plugins? Do i have to put the editors on opt out, never, always...? Maybe they don't work with the 2.4.x version?

To conclude, if you can just advice me about which one to choose and give me an advice to succesful install it, you would be very great and i will be very happy!

PS: Would it be possible to add a complete editor in the next version of b2e?

Thanks a lot ;)
Good night!

2 Jun 09, 2008 01:18

Hi fdeconiac,

You should be able to get the TinyMCE editor running, although there are some people reporting problems I cannot solve.

The FCK editor is great but that was not the case when the plugin was written. The plugin is not updated since, but FCK itself has developed in the right direction, so it should be available for B2evo. If I find time I'll give it a go. No promises though, I am very busy at the moment.

I managed to get the YUI editor running in B2evo, but the editor is still in beta. At the moment it's slow and not responsive to the user. I abandoned the plugin project waiting for a new release from Yahoo!

Good luck

3 Jun 09, 2008 09:26

Thank you for your answer. I will try again to install the tiny editor for the afternoon!
bye ;)

4 Jun 09, 2008 11:29

Well, i couldn't wait : i installed tiny editor and now it seems to work... i don't really know what i did to make it appear this time lol. I also delete lot of plugins who don't have utility anymore (moretag, bbcode,...)

Does someone know how i can eliminate the toolbar with "bold ... close all tags" because know i don't need it anymore and i don't know how (where) deactivate it... i already try in the plugin admin.

Tank you very much for your advice, the tiny editor looks very great!


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