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1 Jun 12, 2008 10:13    

This plugin adds a shiny new tab to your users profiles tab in admin and allows your users to have such delights as avatars, signatures, location. It also adds the ability for each user to enter their time offset from the server and set the date and time formats that they prefer to use, although that bit means you need to do a tad of skin work ;)

These extra profile fields, and settings, can then be used to enhance your current skin and there's also the ability to display each/any users profile instead of that ugly "edit profile" page that you get in the stock evo skins, there's a sample _profile.disp.php included in the zip.

For developers it also adds a few new hooks so that you can slap your own settings on the new tab, or you can steal the code and create your own shiny new tab ;)

Rather than repeat all the settings here I'll just point you to the full post on my blog ( [url=]AM Deluxe Profiles[/url] ). You can download the plugin from there or grab it via [url=]bopit[/url]


2 Dec 27, 2008 23:08

I tried this plugin, but I have this message on top of each of my admin pages :
Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated; If you would like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of [runtime function name](). If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file in C:\internet\wamp\www\testb2\plugins\am_profiles_plugin\_am_profiles.plugin.php on line 538

But I could find this setting on 538 line.
After installation, it also resize font of admin pages. (?!?)
I'm using 2.4.5


3 Dec 28, 2008 09:08

If you re-download the plugin the error has been corrected ;)


4 Dec 28, 2008 19:57

Hi ¥,

I put this in my plugins folder, but it is not showing on the install screen. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Gene :-)

5 Dec 29, 2008 09:47

If you've uploaded it correctly ( path will be /plugins/am_profiles_plugin/_am_profiles.plugin.php ) then you should find it in the list in admin > global settings > plugin install > add new


6 Dec 29, 2008 12:21

Hi ¥,

It seems when I downloaded and unzipped it on my local computer the path became /am_profiles_0_9/am_profiles_plugin/_am_profiles.plugin.php

So i just needed to remove the containing folder to eliminated the extra step in the path. Thanks for the help.

I now have it installed, but it hasn't done anything to the profile page. Do I need to add some actual coding to the page?

Gene :-)

8 Mar 05, 2009 04:15

I'm having me a bug :(

It seems to take over (and completely forget about) if I like "simple" or "expert" mode. I also didn't see it make an avatar in a post, but I didn't try it with a new post - just made an avatar.jpg and did the bit for the skin (not the SkinTag bit - the other bit).

9 Mar 05, 2009 14:54

I wondered which plugin was causing that bug :P

My current call for user details in a post is a smidge like this :

$Plugins->call_by_code( 'am_profiles', array(
		'obj' => $Item,
		'profile' => '<span class="profileLink">$profile$</span>',
		'avatar' => '$avatar$',
		'posts' => '<p class="postCount">Posts : $posts$</p>',
		'joined' => '<p class="userJoined">Joined : $date$</p>',
		'location' => '<div class="userLocation">Location : $location$</div>',
		'output_format' => '$profile$'."\n".'$avatar$'."\n".'$posts$'."\n".'$joined$'."\n".'$location$'."\n",
	) );

I've no idea how that matches up to the instructions without reading them again :P


10 Mar 06, 2009 02:44

I'll open a new topic, but basically I'm seeing where this is really close to what I want, but not quite there.

Oh and it seems I need to feed it user_ID as a param in order to create an avatar for a blogger on a blog post. Not gonna worry about on comments is the thing. Which takes me to where I want to take this: how to make it a renderer that automagically puts an avatar into the very beginning of the first paragraph of a post. THAT is a question for a new thread though eh?

12 Jun 08, 2010 05:27

- BUMP -

IS this plugin current. I would like the functionality, and still haven't seen anything in the core, or other plugins for this. Do you have the code around anywhere? I would love the source code to take a look and maybe fashion it for my use?

Thanks again.

14 Jun 09, 2010 02:08

thanks! you are always such a big help!

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