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1 Jun 09, 2008 16:46    


(before to start : sorry for my poor english)

I would be interested in two features absent from b2evo (unless I am mistaken) :


  • Setting "blog default value" under "Blog settings" tab, so new blog automatically take these values when created. This would avoid amending all options blog...

  • For example : I want all new blog to use permalink with "extra-path: category path" to replace "extra-path: year, month & day" by default, without having to modify this value for all new blog.

  • Setting "global value" under "Blog Settings", to be identical for all blogs and changed only by an admin.

  • For exemple it would be convenient to be able to move the tab URL/SEO in "Global Settings" to force identical values for all blogs, so the bloggers cannot change them.[/list:u]

    Thank you for your answers

    2 Jun 09, 2008 17:00

    I'm thinking of a plugin to handle a lot of this, but yeah as a core feature it would be so much better.

    3 Jun 17, 2008 23:54

    I would 'need' text that is identical over all blogs.
    Now I must hardcode it in the skin, or copy it over and over again on all blogs in a widget.

    I would like to have a widget that 'gets' is info from a systemvariable.
    A variable that is true for the complete installation.

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