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1 Jun 09, 2008 17:06    


(before to start : sorry for my poor english)

In b2evo 2.4.2, it's possible to use nice URLs for category. So category URL name must be unique.

But the category URL name must be unique among all blogs, instead of being unique only for the current blog.

Exemple : Blog A have a category called Fun with URL name fun. The URL will be /index.php/a/fun/

On Blog B, I want to create a category called Fun with URL name fun in order to use the URL /index.php/b/fun/.

=> This is impossible !

On a multiple blogs system this is an inconfortable restriction...
So it would be useful to limit the uniqueness only on the current blog.

I am aware that this could this could be problematic if we allow moving categories accross blogs... but this is already "dangerous"...

Thank you for reading...

2 Jun 09, 2008 17:14

The problem is that there is also a possibility to crosspost in multiple categories and that requires a unique name as well.
I think in future versions it is a good idea to work with an ID in stead of a name to generate uniqueness.
This is mentioned before. Nobody found time to change the code accordingly. This looks like a considerable change of the core code, so don't expect any one to come up with a solution overnight ;)

3 Jun 09, 2008 17:18

Afwas wrote:

This is mentioned before. Nobody found time to change the code accordingly.

I did not find the info above.

Thank you for replying.

4 Jun 17, 2008 23:52

as a sidenote why it is not possible right now : you can move categories from one blog to another..

5 Jun 18, 2008 17:43

Categories are an absolute mess in 242 and need serious attention. I make a category and it tells me I can't because I have to make up a unique URL, but it is really just text so if I try a URL it yells at me for that. durrrr....

Serious opportunity to hack this thing into shape here.

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