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How to report bugs effectively

Started by on Jun 18, 2004 – Contents updated: Jun 18, 2004

Jun 18, 2004 18:54    

This forum is for reporting bugs. If you have unzipped and uploaded the b2evolution package to your website, and can't seem to get it installed or get into the admin backoffice and/or default blog, please post your question on the [url=]Installation Support[/url] forum. If you just want to know how to do something, please post your question on the [url=]How To forum[/url].

Please read this great How-To for getting unpaid programmers to help you solve your problems. If you have a problem, and want it solved, it is in your best interest to read this article. Good life lessons for getting geeks to do what you need them to do.

At minimum, please report the following info if you think you've found a bug:
1. The version of b2evolution that you're using.
2. If you're experiencing the problem on a page that is online, a link to a place where we can see the error. EDIT: Please DO NOT post your admin/backoffice login on the forum unless you are really crazy! If we seriously cannot figure out the problem without seeing it, and you want a b2evo contributor to log in and check it out, private message or email them the info.
3. Any hacks or modifications that you're using.
4. If it was working fine, and then started breaking, anything that might have changed.
5. Anything unusual about your host/website/etc. (For example, if you're using IIS, or an unusual version of PHP or MySQL, etc.)

We do try to make b2evolution as bug-free as possible, so we really want to correct any bugs that might be in the program. We'll be just as glad to find and correct any bugs as you will be to get your site working again. Thanks :)

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