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1 Jun 16, 2008 09:35    

I'm getting more and more referrers like this:

They're being referred from a previous domain where I've set up a htaccess redirect. It seems as though I'm on some sort of spammer hitlist that targets b2evo search boxes. To what end I don't know.

Anyone got any ideas to stop it?

2 Jun 17, 2008 19:31

Just so you don't feel all lonely and ignored and stuff ... cos we know yer a sensitive soul .... I personally can't think of a way to combat this.


Actually I can, but it involves a core hack to change "s" to summat else.

Although, if you just want to stop all htaccess redirects with "?s=" then you can just do a query string thing higher in your htaccess that dev nulls them

3 Jun 17, 2008 20:06

Well, ain't you a cutie? Nor can I. Bugger, innit?

4 Jun 17, 2008 20:07

Bugger, I edited as you posted so I'll just *points up*


5 Jun 17, 2008 20:16

That htaccess idea would work - and that sure beats messing with the code. Thanks.

I'll just struggle with that for a day or so then come creeping back and ask you how.

6 Jun 17, 2008 20:23

Cool that gives me time to google a reply L:D

When I do it'd probably go summat like :

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} s=
RewriteRule .*  [R=301,L]

Just guessing though, cos I avoid google where I can ;)


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