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1 Jul 07, 2008 15:23    

For any of you with political blogs where you might have the word "socialist" appear from time to time, I wanted to let you know I figured out why any comments which included that word were blocked as spam.

Drum roll, please....

The word "cialis" is blocked (because of the tremendous amount of spam we get, or at least used to get, with that drug's name in it).

I have unblocked "cialis" and I'll take my chances for now...I'm tired of so many people not being able to post comments.

2 Jul 07, 2008 17:04

nice point, i guess this should already be handled someway.. or isnt it ? :roll:

does it really block words containing blacklisted subset words ? let's say.. is "land" also blocked if the word "and" is blocked ?

not that i need it, but if it really blocks words containing subset blacklisted words, this must be a serious concern

3 Jul 07, 2008 19:11

Afwas wrote:

Takaji wrote:

Hohoho! Look at what was blacklisted!

Found invalid URL: Url refused. Debug info: blacklisted word: [http:]

I removed that entry and re-enabled antispam, and turned debug back off. Everything is back to normal!

We finally figured it out. He only wanted to post a picture of himself. 'http:' is certainly an effective weapon in the Antispam blacklist. May I suggest '.com'?

Good luck

[url=][http:] in blacklist

4 Jul 08, 2008 01:06

cialis is not in the official antispam keyword list. cialis- is and cialis. is, but plain old cialis is not a published keyword.

BTW this is a very old issue that was resolved ages ago. After that time a significant amount of effort went in to removing unpunctuated keywords to absolutely minimize the risk of this type of thing happening.

Bottom line: if cialis is in your list it is because you put it there. OR haven't cleaned out your antispam table in over 2 years because it's been at least that long since this particular accidental matchup was identified.

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