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1 Jun 22, 2008 20:26    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I have ben reading for the past day or so and I am very happy to see nice people here. I am a new poster and I have not yet downloaded this program. I have a site I want to place a blog on and I tried wordpress. They installed it for me but when I looked into their forum for people asking for help I found nothing but bad attitudes and bad language towards the person asking. That definately raised me bumps because I think that these forums are for helping others and if they are not willing to help they should not be part of it. But that is my believe. I want to say tat everyone here seems so helpful and I am one that love to help others a lot. Unfortunately PHP or codes and computer language is not my forte. I use firstpage as my HTML editor and I can do some stunts I was not able to do before. so I think that from a 1-100 I am at Thanks for being great people and look forward to receive very simple and unknowledgeable questions from me but I feel confident atht the mood here is way better than in wordpress. I have my own header and footer and a little design but I do not know how to do the other plug-ins so I am hoping to learn as much as possible from you all and I will return the favor to others who might need help and I can. Thanks so much and Many Blessings to you all!

2 Jul 04, 2008 08:55

Hi rideacowboy. Welcome to the forums! Share a link when you got one, and ask what you need to know. Sometimes we'll say "aw crap this is getting old" then give a really good hint to the answer but that's only when you're being lazy and not even trying ;)

HINT: the default posts show and tell lots of stuff that is supposed to help you understand b2evo a bit, so it's a good idea to include them when you first install. You can always deprecate or delete them when you don't need them so it's cool to have them there.

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