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1 Jul 07, 2008 17:19    


I'm currently looking for a new host. I have Lunarpages, but it's really slow, and they can't really localize the problem. Therefore, I want to try out a new host.

My website uses c. 700 GB of bandwidth each month. This is due to the fact that many of the members come to the site to downloads things for their game.
I want the server to be fast.
I don't want to pay for dedicated hosting.

Other than that, it's open. Any ideas? :)

2 Jul 08, 2008 09:27

yah well good luck finding a host thats going to be willing to "localize" anything if youre to cheap to pay for a dedi but you want 700G of bandwidth. thats pathetic.

you get what you pay for.

3 Jul 13, 2010 23:40

VPS may be a good compromise. Not as expensive as a full dedicated server, but you do get some dedicated resources and don't have to worry about sharing with thousands of other sites. Although 700 GB a month still isn't gonna come cheap.

4 Jul 02, 2011 10:00

hostgator is best for u there customer support is also good, and fto also work very fast

6 freebetsuk Dec 04, 2011 19:15


I am using Bluevoda but my site is "Down" about 2 days/week!

Which is the best hosting?

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