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widget help using a quicktags_plug to allow for some format

Started by on Jun 29, 2008 – Contents updated: Jun 29, 2008

Jun 29, 2008 03:25    

I just want to allow a widget parameter to allow for the quicktags_plugin within B2E but I can not seem to figure out what I need to do. I have included the class file and I tried to call the AdminDisplayToolbar but I can not figure out what I need to pass as the parameter and where to do it in the widget.

Any help would be appreciated.

Of course the smilies will be next.

Jun 29, 2008 04:22

Welcome to the forums.

I don't understand what you are talking about, do you want to add a new quicktag button with custom action?

Jun 29, 2008 04:50

Specifically I want to write a widget that creates an About Me message that can be stuffed into the sidebar or other skin location. Making a widget to collect the information was easy and posting it to the sidebar was just as easy.

The part I want to enhance is allowing the user to throw in some formatting without having to know the HTML tags.

I don't need to re-write the wheel or even install another plugin for the effect. I am content with the standard buttons that you see when writing a blog posting.

Thanks for offering the help.

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