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1 Jul 15, 2008 12:30    

My b2evolution Version: 2.4.2

Hope this has not already been done. I have searched and searched without success. Maybe asking the wrong question.

OK - what I would like is to have a widget for a captcha text question rather than a captcha image. I don't like the image-based tests because of usability issues for those with poor eyesight. It seems that OCR programs now have better visual acuity than humans!

On my website I have a great Q&A for PhpBB forum registration. It takes the form of

Q: " Rearrange the letters grite to spell the first name of a famous golfer"
A: tiger

(not the real question)

I got the mod from the PhpBB forum hacks section but am ashamed to say I can't remember which hack I used. It stopped all bot attempts - down from 3-4 a day to zero for the last 12 months. I change the question now and again just to be on the safe side.

What is interesting is that I had also got some human spammers getting through the original image captcha but these stopped with the text question. I think I know why and can explain if anyone is interested.

How feasible would this hack be?

3 Jul 15, 2008 14:08

Oops, thought there must be something! I'll check it out and if it is what it looks like, it will fit the bill perfectly. I'll also email Ed and suggest that he puts it up elsewhere and renames it or gives some keywords - to indicate it is not an image-based captcha.

Thanks for the kind response - could of got an RTFM or something in some other forums. Here you all seem most gentlemanly (or indeed ladylike).


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