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1 Jul 28, 2008 04:27    

I would like to be able to allow the users who login to b2evo to comment on blogs or create their own blogs to be able to use the phpBB3 message board with their same info. Perhaps vice versa but at least by logging in to one or the other, and being able to use both systems without having to log in to both. Does this plugin exist? If not is there a way to do this without security issues?

2 Jul 28, 2008 09:55

hi johnnybiggles.
This issue has been asked over and over..please use the search function the next time..

[url=]Bridge with PhpBB 3.0.1[/url]

[url=]Forums integration[/url]

and so on...

There is not an existing plugin doing this atm afaik..Even there was it is not a good idea, if you still want to force your chances to bridge b2 and phpbb search for phpbb bridging..

However there is a forum plugin -work in progress- for b2 unless you didnt know about it..


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