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1 Jul 29, 2008 02:45    

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How about a plugin/widget/whatever that can be installed on the blog page, letting the reader choose between ascending and descending order? I know this can be toggled from the Blog Settings page, but what about the reader? When the content is something that builds on itself, a new visitor might want to read from the beginning, or skim the conversation in order; someone returning might want to see what's newest.

EXAMPLE of when this would be critical: I have this stalled project I want to get back to--it is close to the use case described on I imagine different "blogs" as chapters of a book, and multiple invited authors discussing each chapter's issues, with comment additions from others. (My initial mockup used two blogs for each "chapter"--one for the "conversation" or text, and one for links and references: the chapter's "bibliography".)

This kind of use would be one for which a viewer-accessible toggle between ascending and descending display would be appropriate--perhaps even necessary for someone beginning to visit the project in midstream!

2 Jul 30, 2008 00:34

Not a bad idea for a plugin, but I think you can reach your goal with existing "technology". Use the free HTML widget and link the first chapter with the text "New reader? Start here", then the "previous / next" link at the bottom of each single post page works to give them the next chapter.

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