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[request] ATOM API support

Started by on Oct 21, 2008 – Contents updated: Oct 21, 2008

Oct 21, 2008 15:35    


One feature I'd like to see in b2evo is support of the ATOM API - I mean the functions as in xmlrpc, not the mere feed stuff.

Background is that Nokia E and N series support direct posting to blogs supporting that API, unfortunately they don't support posting to other APIs.


Oct 21, 2008 19:07

Hi Franz,

Do you have good documentation on this API and / or an (PHP) web-application that uses it?

Good luck

Oct 22, 2008 08:10

The ATOM publishing API is defined in rfc5023 /1/. You can find an informative article on it under /2/, with a working PHP implementation at /3/.

The ATOM publishing API is supported by Blogger and TypePad, to name just two.

Update: An implementation which seems even better than /3/ is at /4/


Oct 22, 2008 19:51

Hi verspuchi,

Thanks for the feedback. I this am going to write this API myself. If I get this going expect something in a couple of days.

Have fun

Oct 23, 2008 07:30


Since I don't know b2evo's API, it would require me weeks to deliver a stable version of ATOM pub for b2evo, since I don't have much spare time on my hands. Therefore I'm grateful you'd like to tackle the issue and I'm sure others as well as the project as a whole would greatly benefit.

Oct 23, 2008 12:19

Hi vespuchi,

Yesterday I looked into the code with some more detail. B2evolution uses [url=]XML-RPS for PHP[/url] with currently four APIs built on top of it. It looks fairly easy once I get into grips with that. I'll be reading for the next couple of days or so ;)
Once again thanks for the info provided.

Have fun

Oct 23, 2008 13:09

Hi, some more info:

For the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP), there also exists an implementation for FUSE filesystems. In other words: Once APP is implemented for b2evo, the blog can be mounted as a filesystem on Linux, Mac, ... and posts can be edited as if they were on the local harddrive. See /1/.

For testing, there's a little webapp under /2/.


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