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1 Nov 01, 2008 22:41    

as you know b2evo comes with default widgets according to container name's.
and widgets are integral to skin customization, i mean those 'navigation' menus for the page_top menu & header containers, sidebar widgets and all that..

i mean imagine a b2evo skin without any widgets pre-installed.

What i would like to see happen is being able to customize / hardcode the widgets and widget sets in the skin.For example, when i create a skin i would like to hard code recent comments widgets in the footer section, or hardcode the tagcloud widget in the sidebar and style them accordingly..hope you got the idea, i wonder if it's doable, and it really does makes sense to you as it did to me

2 Nov 02, 2008 00:56

Check the a_noskin.php ;)

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