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1 Jul 01, 2004 05:51    

Here is what screwed me the whole afternoon.

I am a newbie of blog. I chose b2evo blog as my first blog. I installed b2evo on my server. i setup skins. Everything seems fine.

However, when i tried to post some video/audio clips on, it didnt let me.

Actually, those are links, thou i cant use" <embed> </embed>"as usual in discussion board.

Are there any alternative ways to post clips or blogs are not supposed to let you post stuff other than img and articles?

Could some one enlight me? Thank you so much.

2 Feb 09, 2005 22:33

It seems that this topic was posted a long time ago....I would like to know this too.

3 Feb 10, 2005 17:00

I'll need to know how to do this soon too.

I noticed that Topanga (a poster on this board) has her blog set up with lots of audio (don't know about video). Took a quick peek at the code and see that she is embedding the audio files (.mp3 is the one I saw) as an anchor tag link.

<a href=""><image src="buttonJPG" title="click me to hear the Rest of the Story"></a>

Using the Anchor tag is allowed and then the link pulls up whatever audio solution you call automatically for .mp3 files. IN my case, a QuickTime player. (Of course, it's all in Flemish, I assume & I didn't understand a thing!). You can avoid the use of the embed tags completely.

OR ... If you are insistent on using them, you can always modify the _formatting.php file to add them. (Sorry, haven't done that yet ... only added attributes for EXISTING tags, but it would seem to me it isn't that hard ... use the other tags as a template).

BUT ... before you try adding the extra tag, just turn OFF the HTML checker in _formatting.php (look for $use_html_checker = 1) and set it to zero. THEN upload your <embed> tags in your post ... they'll go fine, now that the HTML checker is OFF. Once done, turn the checker back on immediately, so no nasty code can be posted via your comments

Doing the above will allow you to CHECK to see if the embed tag is REALLY the one you want to use. (I think XHTML likes stuff like that as an 'object' tag instead).

Anyway ... some suggestions.


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