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1 Nov 21, 2008 21:40    

First let me say that this is a great platform and i was not aware of until recently. I have developed for this platform for almost 2 years now with a company that sold the platform to a new company as their own proprietary system. I am only bringing this up because i myself am an open source programmer and i feel this is wrong, not to mention illegal. This post is mainly to get someone with b2evo to contact me through my email so i can give them more details not to mention i have the entire tree of the company i work for. There is more than enough proof that the system is without a doubt b2evolutons and not to mention all branding has been taken off as well as any linking back to b2evolution. The company's previous owners were let go, they also happened to be the main one responsible for this terrible act. The current owner/ owners are aware of the problem as my team has addressed them and they don't care. This has gotten a bad as third party plug-ins getting their copyright removed as well. Now i have added a lot of features to it as well as fix some bugs, i believe the version i am running is an older version but it does have a lot of features that the current version has. I guess the biggest part that is a problem is that my company is trying to sell the our modified version.

If b2evolution is interested in this feel free to contact me, if not, at least i did what is right on my end and notify you of this thievery. I myself can not stand to wok with a company with this lack of respect for open source programmers and i am starting to look for a new place of employment. I am embarrassed to wok for a company like this.

2 Nov 24, 2008 19:06

Hi there,
You have 2 choices :

1) you can roast in a vat of oil burning over the fire of hell itself .... for a few millenia
2) you can stop beating yourself over the head about it

Personally I'd go for number 2 :D

On a more serious note. The person to contact is François, you can find his contact on his [url=]blog[/url].

Take option 2 though ;)


3 Dec 05, 2008 21:21

i already left the company and i feel better already ;) i will contact François with the info and let him make the decision.


4 Dec 06, 2008 09:37

Good for you :D

I'm sure François will find that list as interesting as I did as there are several core plugins involved as well.

I haven't had a chance to catch him online yet though.


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