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1 Dec 11, 2008 22:08    

On the 2.4.5 version, I can see the following names as SEO experts :
Aaron Wall, Andy Beal, Michael Gray, Rand Fishkin and Stephen Spencer.
1. Now, who's SEO tactic is the 2.4.5 script using by default ?

2. And, if I only want the script to use one's SEO tactic then what do I do ?

3. Also, if I want the script to use more than one's but not all five's SEO tactics then what do I do ?

4. Has anyone experimented who's SEO tactics worked the most to receive traffic from the major searchengines ?

5. I've changed settings on all these 5 SEO pages but then reset all of them for the defualts to kick-in.
Now, my question is: by default ,who's SEO tactic would the script be use amongs these fives' tactics ?

6. Anything else I should know ?

2 Dec 12, 2008 13:36

1) no idea
2) you can only use one ( althouygh you can customise them )
3) you need to merge the differences manually
4) I think EdB may have
5) see 1
6) yeah, play with the settings one the page and make your own seo rules ;)


3 Feb 03, 2009 06:13

* moron deleted *

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