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1 Jul 05, 2004 14:33    

I moved my blog from a linux set up to windows. now i exported the datanase in linux to a sql file and imported the file in windows. I think they are alright. Copied the document root with all files over without changing anything .. now i am getting the default blog alright. but, when i click on the links for the other blogs, i get this

No input file specified.

whats wrong ? anyhelp ?

This is happening if I click on any link, i.e. if I click on a category link on the default blog or on a skin link.

Edit: Needless to say a fresh install (new tables and all) on windows, works alright, but, I can't ditch the content. So, PLEASE HELP. Let me know what would be the place to look for error atleast.

2 Jul 05, 2004 17:55

OK figured it out.

I was using php as a cgi program in windows. I changed it to be used as a module. It's working now.

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