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1 Jul 06, 2004 19:21    

I've just installed the last version ( "Madrid") on my new starting site: because I'm starting there is almost nothing in it:

I started with an original b2, and tried to upgrade from Cafelog/b2...

Now! Problem is that I cannot translate in Italian all words: some works, many not! I worked on the main template for this. I have the All blogs that simply remains ALL as a description, or the word Others that refuses to appear in Italian! :roll:

More! I changed the main template to have the Blog name pointing back to my Site Home Page: this works perfectly in the Indice dei Blog (Index of Blogs), while cannot work in the default Blog, where a link is reported, but returning to the Blog Site: if you check the link that I posted here you can easily verify this.

Very strange is also the persistence of a custom skin in the Indice dei Blog, while I asked as an Admin to use the originalb2 skin!

Somebody out there has answers to all these oddities? :oops:

2 Jul 06, 2004 19:33

Mmm! Sorry: one of the question has been solved. You must customize every _main.php page inside the skins if this is what you have choosen to do. :oops:

Why the index page mantains the custom style (skin) is something I cannot explain for now...

Nor I can explain why in the admin (backoffice) mode you cannot automatically edit the templates of the chosen skin! :'(

3 Jul 09, 2004 17:59

I think I can answer one of your last questions. The blogs/index.php calls out other pages for display:


These files are under the blogs directory. To change their skin, you must edit the call to a skin folder in that file. The index.php calls out one of the other files according to the code listed in my response to this post.

[url=]Index page inclusion[/url]

Or it can call out a specific blog or the "All Blogs" as its default.

You must edit one of those files to get your language changes.

And you can select the skin to be called out by index.php for one of those. Look for this code in index.php..

# You could *force* a specific skin here with this setting:
# $skin = 'basic';

I hope that this helps you.

4 Jul 09, 2004 18:34

I think, after some trial, that the answer is easyer. :oops:
In the All Blogs part I forgot to check away (as an administrator) the possibility to chose the skin. My original idea was to assign a particular skin for every Blog, and the User could not change it!
Well, in the All Blogs section I set default for the originalb2 skin, but every user mantained the ability to chose a different skin: this was the reason why I saw the index page in the basic version... being it a choice of mine! :oops:

Interesting problem anyway! It was not so immediate to be solved...
Ah! Thanks a lot for your interest and help!

5 Jul 09, 2004 18:55


I see. Glad you solved it.

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