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[2.x] plugin for entrecard available?

Started by on Dec 11, 2008 – Contents updated: Dec 11, 2008

Dec 11, 2008 17:39    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Is there a plugin that allows 125x125 ads such as on entrecard to be used in the sidebar? I have been searching, but haven't found anything here yet.

Thanks in advance

Dec 11, 2008 18:32

Try the free html widget


Dec 11, 2008 18:41

Thanks...I've used that quite a bit for other things...what I am looking for however to be more specific is an ad manager type of plugin like this one:

it allows you to do an auto-rotation of ads in such a way as to give more equal viewing of ads, as well as provides a manager that tracks clicks and such...if there is a plugin that at least allows for rotation that would be great too...

Thanks for reply

Dec 11, 2008 18:44

There's not a plugin that does that, to the best of my knowledge.


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