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1 Dec 15, 2008 08:21    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Well, while looking around the WordPress site and considering if I like it better I came across a plugin that would be ideal for me.

It is named Flexible Upload. It allows you to choose an image to upload, set the size, add a title, add a caption, align the image to the text, makes a thumbnail on the fly, and more.

I need to know if it is possible for this to be converted to b2evo, or if something could be built to do the same stuff?

Here is the link to the plugin on WordPress -

Thanks for any help,
Gene :-)

2 Dec 15, 2008 13:53

Whenever I eventually finish our gallery plugin I *might* fragment off it's editing capabilities into a separate plugin. In which case it'll be able to do all that and a tad more ( rotating, flipping, cropping )


3 Dec 19, 2008 22:39

I can confirm that it is 90% ready ;)

4 Dec 19, 2008 22:56

Thanks ¥ and Topanga!

I will be anxiously awaiting its release.

Gene :-)

5 Dec 23, 2008 03:30

Cool Topanga! Good Luck!

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