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1 Jan 06, 2009 05:46    

I follow Mr. Muto's instruction and doesn't work.
The template is fine, but I can't write in Japanese.

So, could anyone help me.

my blog:

2 Jan 06, 2009 15:51

It's funny thing, if I clean install, I can write, but when I go back editing, it's unreadable.

like this:


it's ridiculous.

I see many Japanese user (done by some company provide)
uses 1.8.2 that is standard and Mr. Muto uses 2.5.4.; he has no problem.


3 Jan 07, 2009 02:27


Make sure your database is created with the correct character set. Many installations default to latin.


Also in b2evolution's admin interface go to Global Settings > Regional and make sure that your ja-JP locale has the same encoding as the database you created.

5 Jan 08, 2009 04:13

 I did :

Modified section of _locales.php.
$use_l10n = 2;
$evo_charset = '';
$force_io_charset_if_accepted = 'utf-8';
$db_config['connection_charset'] = 'utf8';
$default_locale = 'en-US';

Now that your _locales.php is configured we have two choices. Fix an existing site or start over.

Start over/a new installation.

but still doesn't work.
yest template become perfect, but still like this:

MySQL error!
Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) and (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation 'like'(Errno=1267)

Your query: Check URL against antispam blacklist

SELECT aspm_string

FROM evo_antispam

WHERE 'こんにちわ' LIKE CONCAT("%",aspm_string,"%")

LIMIT 0, 1

i feel like give up, it's my 4th day.

8 Jan 22, 2009 02:25

Hey everyone,

Thanks, it's working (just half), I did everything what you guys said, and new 2.4.6 is working also, I can write in Japanese and I can read Japanese, but my old Japanese archive is still not working.

I can't find any solution yet, new one (2.4.6)works.
it's bummer!

Do you guys have any idea, I can get retrieve or save old archive?

my site is:

that's old one,

thanks guys,

9 Jan 29, 2009 23:31

I'm installing 3.0.0.
will see,
I tried, but result is same, last one action was building old database, that I didn't understand null or one?

Maybe reinstall again from scratch. :'(

10 Apr 10, 2010 07:07

I have recently developed a site in English *joomla link removed but i want to offer it in German language as well. I mean it can be accessible in two languages English and German.

Can Anybody help me in this issue?

11 Jul 05, 2011 08:07

I have a client who wanted english and arabic versions of his site, I though the easiest way would be to install a wybya bar on the site with a language conversion tool on it, but the after converting to arabic the text is indeed all over the place as John said, I am now going to just create a duplicated site in arabic and just link to it ( and have flag icons for english and arabic on the nav bar.
*wp link removed

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