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1 Jul 08, 2004 04:01    

Just wondering if there is any way to make the background opage?

3 Jul 09, 2004 04:22

oops..sorry..typo..should be opaque :D
and anywhere i can get good skins for free?

4 Jul 09, 2004 08:05

As far as I know, there's no way to do that using valid xhtml, and for good skins - Look up! There's a link at the top of this very page!

5 Jul 09, 2004 22:22

Wait, I'm still confused...

Make the background opaque...
As in, "not transparent"?

What does that even mean? What would you see through the background? Is there something "behind the background?" ????

I'm completely lost. Please provide an example of a site that has an "opaque background" and maybe we'll be able to help.

And graham is right. If you use your eyes, and look at the top of this page, you'll see the link.

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