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1 Jan 23, 2009 06:09    

I m wondering anyone tell me is here any bridge exists b/w Joomla and b2evo ??

i m developing my website in joomla and want to develope blogs for my clients means multiple blogs, so that whenever my client log into my website it will be redirected to there relative blog and their he/she will be logged in previously ...

I think i explain what i want, just a bridge b/w joomla and b2evo ...

2 Jan 23, 2009 06:25

Howdy secret00774! Are you related to secret00773? How about donttellanyone00774? Ah well ... I thought there was a family resemblance is the thing.

Oh and welcome to the forums :)

Yeah so this is really hard for anyone to do other than the person who needs it. The thing is how to deal with version numbers of both joomla and b2evolution. I don't know joomla, but when I built a "phpbb group membership gives you a b2evolution blog" I had to work with the exact version of both phpbb and b2evolution. When I upgraded that site's b2evolution my hack died because the things I needed to set in the database differed. Same would be true if I ever upgrade that site's forum to phpbb3.whatever right? I mean, IF the user login credentials in the source software change then the hack dies.

If you waste precious minutes of your life visiting my totally lame web and click on my hackblog you will eventually find my hack BUT know up front it autoblogs people into v1.10.3 AND required the blog Admin to run a stand-alone file. If you happen to be fairly sharp with php stuff then it might serve as a wonderful starting point for your personal bridge.

Best of luck on this ... and please share your bridge if you make one. We need more of this type of thing to create a cycle of success (if ya know what I mean there).

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