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1 Jan 30, 2009 00:27    

I thought about using the 'edit' icon for all and using permissions to decide if the "update" button is available, but I'd rather go with "if they can edit use the edit icon else use the show icon". Still will put the security checks at the moment of commitment to thwart malicious users, but anyway does anyone have an icon they'd like to share that sort of says "you can see more bits" to use where one might use "you can edit this info"?

What I'm doing is a plugin that no one else will want to use. In this plugin I have "flying sites" as a table. I want to let some folk add new sites and edit existing ones, but I also want everyone to be able to see all the data. This table holds a shedload of records information is the thing, so I leave most of it off the table that all users can visit. But hey a user might see that "blahblah" site has a hang gliding distance record of 204 miles and wonder "who set that record and when and on what glider and where did they land". All that info is in the database, but would overwhelm the table they currently see. So I want them to be able to see the data by clicking a "see the data" icon.

I thought about using the 8| smiley but am open to something that someone might already know of.


2 Feb 01, 2009 00:28

Okay found one online. Officially open source too, though I had to make it be square then shrink it to fit. A pair of eyes looking at something with one eyebrow raised and one slightly lowered. neato!

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