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1 Jan 30, 2009 11:31    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x


Does anyone have a 'Terms of Use' (for registered users and/or unregistered users; posts and comments, or some part of etc.) for their blogs they don't mind sharing?

Feel free to PM me if you'd like.

Thanks in advance.

2 Jan 31, 2009 01:11

I made a shot at this a few years ago. This is just my attempt and I'm no lawyer.

My site is a commercial site in that I sell products and services through it. (I'm a photographer and sell prints and stock photos directly through the site, and also use it to promote art fairs etc where I sell stuff.) Being a cmmercial site raises the ante a bit, I doubt that I would be so detailed if I just had a personal site.

This is integrated with my static website, so it does not apply only to the blog:

This site is owned and operated by Mark Cassino Photography.

Terms of Use


With the exception of banner links to third party sites and user comments posted to the site blog, all content on this site is copyright (c) 1997-2008 by Mark Cassino Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer of Warranties / Limitation of Liability

Reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information presented in this site. However, this site is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind and users utilize this site and its content at their own risk. Under no circumstances is the owner of this site liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise out of use of this site, inability to use this site, or inaccuracy or errors in the content of this site. We assume no responsibly or liability arising from the external sites we link to or the contents therein.

Comments posted to the site blog are displayed or deleted at the discretion of the operators of this site. While efforts are made to allow users to edit or delete thier own posts, users who choose to post on the site blog relinquish all rights to control such postings.

By visiting this site and utilizing the materials herein, you agree to these terms.

Privacy Policy


This website uses a blogging tool called b2evolution. B2evolution stores a "cookie" (a small text file stored on your computer) that contains information regarding your personal settings for this software. This information includes, among other things, your user ID and selections regarding the cosmetic appearance ("skins") used in the b2evolution. This information exists to improve the functionality of the blogging software, and is not used by this site to track personal information about visitors to this site.

Outside of the blogging tool, no other "cookies" are utilized.

Usage Tracking

Our web server logs generic information about visitors, including IP Address, referring pages, entry and exit pages, search engine queries, and other information regarding the general usage of the site. This information is analyzed to evaluate the performance of the site and it's contents. This information does not reveal the name of individual users.

The only individual information obtained by this website is provided by users themselves. This includes information sufficient to process orders, and information provided by users when they post on the blog or establish a user account for the site blog.

Information Sharing

The site blogging tool, b2evolution, shares information regarding blogging activity with a variety of blogging indexes and sources. The level of information sharing may be changed at any time, at the discretion of the operators of this site. This may include personal information contained in user posts or in user's profiles. When establishing an account on the blog or when posting comments, the user acknowledges that their personal information may be shared in this manner.

Aside from the blogging area, we do not share personal information with third parties, unless disclosure is mandated by legal process. This includes information provided when making purchases through the site.

Customer Information

Visitors who wish to purchase a print or usage rights for an image must provide sufficient information to complete the transaction. Information needed for purchases is collected outside of this website, through email, legacy mail, or telephone. Information provided by customers is not disclosed to third parties. All Credit Card payments are made through PayPal, and are subject to that site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Changes & Updates

Changes to the terms of use will be posted on this page. This page was last upated on August 14, 2008.

I did some research at the time about privacy policies etc and tried to hit the major topics.

It's been a while since I looked at that and, reading it now, I'm not sure if the Information Sharing section is 100% correct. What I was getting at is that comments can by syndicated and appear in aggregators etc. I'm not sure that member profiles would ever be subject to disclosure - but better safe than sorry, right?


3 Feb 01, 2009 07:37

Thanks for this, M_C_C.

It is very much appreciated!

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