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1 Jan 30, 2009 20:10    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Is it possible to have working links in the posted comments?
My links show as normal text which you have to copy and paste
Can't see anything in the admin settings :-/

2 Jan 30, 2009 20:55

There's a post on this a little lower down the page. By default, both a and img tags are blocked, and require certain files to be edited to permit them. Opening up the 'a' tag in particular makes your blog vulnerable to spammers, but the choice is yours.

[url=]Can guest users embed pictures in comments[/url]

3 Jan 30, 2009 21:03

I read that post, wasn't after displaying images.
Just if somebody typed an address in the comments you could click directly on the text, like your signature, rather than have to copy and paste

4 Jan 30, 2009 21:14

I don't think the code in the comment handling files do anything to automatically hyperlink a typed URL. You'd have to follow that thread I mentioned to permit the 'a' tag to be used, then the commenter would have to know how to use the 'a' tag, and put the appropriate parts around the text the wish to treat as a link.

5 Jan 30, 2009 21:15

In that post there was a mention.reference about the "a" tag in the posted code
You simply uncomment it to allow posting of URL's in comments.

6 Jan 30, 2009 22:42

Yeah uncommenting the "a" bit will allow commenters to make linked text, but it won't automagically make something that could be a link turn into a link. Like pasting in a URL won't become a link unless the paster types the "a href=whatever" bits.

Sorry, but to the best of my knowledge no one has ever done that.

7 Jan 31, 2009 16:15

I've taken out the comments, is this the right way to use the anchor.
<a href="WEB ADDRESS"></a>

If so it doesn't work :'(
Nothing is displayed

8 Jan 31, 2009 16:21

Looking at that, you need some text to wrap the tags around. Like that, you are not turning anything into a URL

You need something like:

<a href="web_address">Some text to act as the hyperlink</a>

9 Jan 31, 2009 16:39

Yes, of course :oops:
I blame the hangover :roll:

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