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1 Jan 31, 2009 03:35    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I downloaded the latest version yesterday and have pretty much got it up and running. I started to add some older articles that my wife wrote to her blog as pages, and was really disappointed in the editor. Not a lot of flexibility. Was finally able to add the property tag to the image tag by hand to get text flow, but it ain't easy.

Is there some way to import html from a program like Dreamweaver, copied from code view perhaps? I see there is a way to imput via email -- will it accept html email with all its formatting?

Thanks in advance,

2 Jan 31, 2009 03:46

Flowing text like you see at with the glider pics? Yeah that ain't so hard ... depending. I use


and there you go, but that requires your skin's style sheet to include

@import url("../../rsc/css/img.css");	/* Import standard image styles */

So "depending" means depending on if your skin has that line ;)

AFAIK you can import html directly into your posts, but it needs to be valid xhtml 1.0 trans (which most tools don't provide because they do stupid things like width=48 when it should be width="48"). Oh and you can downgrade the "use good code" features if you want with some setting in your back office (admin area).

I haven't blogged by email since the 0.* generation, but I'm pretty sure you ain't gonna get html through the email thingie ... if you can get the email thingie to work for you. It's a royal pita is the thing :(

3 Jan 31, 2009 22:13

Thanks for you help, Ed. After reading your post and playing around a little on my own, I see that it is just like programing html in notepad like we did in the good old days. Would be really nice to have at least somewhat of a wysiwyg editor, but I can live with this :D

Now I have to plow through the post and try and figure out how the avatar plug-in works :roll:

Thanks again!!

5 Feb 03, 2009 00:30

Thanks, Afwas! that's a nifty little gizmo. Only have one complaint -- the built in FireFox spell checker doesn't work in it, and that's not a good thing with me! Anybody now a work around?

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