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1 Jul 10, 2004 23:07    

how to change the the font of blog name only

Thanks in advance

2 Jul 11, 2004 16:02

If you mean the blog name displayed in the header for each page, then it can depend on which skin you are using. For instance, I use the Stockholm skin, and my blog title is under h1#pageTitle.

Which skin are you using? It might give a better idea of where your pagetitle header is.

Also, a must-have tool to use is [url=]Topstyle Lite[/url], a free and easy-to-use CSS editor.

3 Jul 11, 2004 16:31

I am using wpc_rubric and i mean the name of your blog I have topstyle but where can I find the name of my blog in general??

4 Jul 11, 2004 16:36

Open your CSS file with Topstyle Lite. On the right side of Topstyle, you will see a window that shows the properties of your items. Click on the tab that says "Selectors" and scroll down to IDs - #header. You will be able to change the font of your blog name from there.

Hope that helps. :D

5 Jul 11, 2004 16:42



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