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tiny bug with deleting users

Started by on Feb 01, 2009 – Contents updated: Feb 01, 2009

Feb 01, 2009 17:20    

I've just been playing with the registration process, so I registered quite a few times using different names and emails. Thanks to Yabba I got through that stuff, so I went in to delete these practice users. Housekeeping yah?

And I think I found a tiny little bug! Check out what you see when you delete a user named "characters"

User «» [characters] deleted.

Something seems funny there? PURELY COSMETIC! NO BAD BEHAVIOR! That makes this the most trivial bug in the world, but maybe a smart fella with his fingers in the core might also find it easy to fix? Seems to me one of two things is what it should be doing.

User «characters» deleted.


User [characters] deleted.

Personally I like

User «characters» deleted.

because laquo and raquo are beautiful things, but hey I'm just one guy with a frequently stupid sense of good.

Feb 01, 2009 17:57

Fixed... in HEAD. Going to fix it in v24, too. :)

Feb 01, 2009 18:19

/me looks at time .... damn 21 minutes since you left the head and you've still not managed to cure it in 2.4.x? :O

No wonder we limit you to the no brainers :roll:


Feb 01, 2009 18:38

37 minutes :O is that a record? :roll:


Feb 01, 2009 18:40

I'm sure you can beat it. ;)

Feb 01, 2009 19:12

and they say the germans have no sense of reality :P


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