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1 Feb 06, 2009 21:44    


I thought I posted this one a long time ago but can't find it. A plugin I'm doing makes some int fields. I add or change a field, so I either delete the plugin and re-install the new one, or, click the "deactivate / activate" icon thingie. If I use the "deactivate / reactivate" icon I get a message that is incorrect.

ALTER TABLE evo_plugin_pluginname_14_TableName CHANGE COLUMN field_name float(11,1) NOT NULL default '0.0'

This field was not altered, so why would it tell me it successfully changed it? The line in the plugin that makes the table is

field_name float(11,1) NOT NULL default '0.0',

This happens on all int and float fields I'm creating in a plugin.

Oh and yeah this is a minor bug as only the admin will see it and only when deactivating then activating a plugin.

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