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new user email is from a dumb name

Started by on Feb 09, 2009 – Contents updated: Feb 09, 2009

Feb 09, 2009 20:34    

I get an email from "b2evo -at- root.tld" even though the installation is root.tld/path/ ... and b2evolution has the sender's name and email address.

Therefore it would be another tiny detail of coolness if someone smart could make it send the mail *from* the name and email addy of the person who just registered.

Feb 11, 2009 11:17

Some servers won't allow you to send an email unless either the to or the from address is one on domain.tld


Feb 11, 2009 14:58

Okay that's cool. But I have an installation at (fake domain alert) and the email from registrants says it is from b2evo -at- meaning it's not even using the full path it came from.

Aw heck even if it did ... well ... aw never mind. I'm not allowed to write posts that have a scroll bar in the posting window anymore so (to quote a dead poet) this is the end.

Feb 11, 2009 20:35

Name me an email you've ever received from ( alert ) ( sorry for any spam you receive foo ... but a bloody daft email to have huh? may as well have and , because they don't even use spiders for that ) .... anyway, I digress ... emails are always bar@domain.tld

As an addition, certain mail servers won't accept mail from a domain that doesn't match the IP of the sender either, hockmail and evilmail for instance ;)


Feb 11, 2009 21:41

¥åßßå wrote:

Name me an email you've ever received from ( alert )


So I reckon doing a reply-to field also has a "reliable drawback"?

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