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1 Feb 09, 2009 23:45    

I've been bloggin a while. Thought I'd used 'em all and stumbled onto b2e while on the quest for a method to consolidate blogs. Found b2e and am now transferring everything over.

Software/hardware experiences date back to the prePC days. That makes me an old man and still loving it. Thank you at b2e for all the work that has been done to make this new experience enjoyable.

I jumped immediately into v3.0 and have an edit widget problem that i have posted in the support forum.

Anyway thank you and take a look at:


2 Feb 17, 2009 16:23

Hey there 37stories. I just noticed a bit of an error in your skin. The links for "login register admin" are almost completely hidden underneath the posts area. It might be part of the skin itself, but if you customized then it might be due to your changes. It'll be a css issue no doubt, or more accurately, it'll be a combination of css and having multiple lines in that particular container.

I think you'll enjoy this software. Best of luck with it!

3 Feb 17, 2009 19:50

Thank you. Yes. It's an error with the original skin. One of those things to "get around to". Thanks for looking in.

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