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Started by on Feb 14, 2009 – Contents updated: Feb 14, 2009

Feb 14, 2009 12:06    

This forum is for the individual support threads for released plugins and hacks. If you have any problems regarding a plugin or hack then please use the [url=]search[/url] button to find the appropriate support thread and ask your question there.

Please note : Not all plugins and hacks have a support thread on here, some authors prefer to handle support on their own webs. Check your plugins readme.html to find the support location.

If you require support with coding a plugin or hack then use the [url=]Plugin development assistance[/url] forum.

If you want to ask for a new plugin or hack then use the [url=]Request a Plugin or Hack[/url] forum.

If you're a plugin developer and you want to be able to add support threads here then just leave a comment on this thread.

If you can't find the support thread for a particular plugin ( after using search and reading the readme's of course ), then just create a thread in [url=]b2evolution support[/url] and someone will help you ;)


In a moment of obscure clarity [url=]EdB[/url] created an index of known support threads ( [url=]Index of plugin support threads[/url] ), for those of you who are unsure how the search function works.

This assumes that anyone, who doesn't realise that search exists, will actually read a sticky post ... including this one ;)

Sep 30, 2009 19:52

Hi - I'd like to be able to create a support thread for my new plugin.
It's Google FriendConnect - I haven't submitted it yet since I want to be able to include the thread in $help_url, but will soon.

Oct 02, 2009 08:26

You should now have the ability to create your help thread ;)


Sep 25, 2010 15:35

Please give me permission to post a new plugin. I've revised my excel export of b2evo stats into a real plugin (not a hack anymore). I'd like to post it.

May 07, 2011 15:54

hi, how to create a support thread for my new plugin in crap link removed wordpress.

May 22, 2011 21:18

chooi80 wrote:

hi, how to create a support thread for my new plugin in crap link removed wordpress.

please explan it idont understand ur answer

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