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1 Jul 13, 2004 21:32    

hi there being a total newbie I am sure this is trivial - however the same error comes up every time so please have patience with me...

After installing -using the guide- I try to move to the pages but admin wont come up it actually tells me it cant find the server - allthough it has just told me the install was successful.... :?:

please advise


2 Jul 13, 2004 22:37

Check your base url. Make sure it's set to be the right server. Re-run the install script and select change your base settings.

3 Jul 13, 2004 23:24

you da man...
it had thrown www in front of my url in the install that I hadnt seen - probably a php call that does that....
thank you

4 Jul 14, 2004 16:25

hi again
I have moved up a step since last and am fully enjoying this blog engine.

When I link - go to blogs- from admin area I end up on a nonexisting page.
The adress in the url ends without / - but if I add that slash to the end of the url - I am fine.

I have learned elsewhere that using $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] instead of $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] might bring up these kinds of problems....could that be the case here ?

5 Jul 14, 2004 19:15

It all depends on what webserver you are running. And it's good if you keep different problems to different threads, so the forums are more useful to other users.

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