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1 Jul 13, 2004 22:15    

getting a small issue that I thought deemed worthy to post here... when I try to logout of the admin section (top right corner "logout") it doesn't really log me out - it just puts me back to the edit blog section.

also, I noticed the login script on the main page is not correct, but I'm not sure how to fix it:

in the Misc section of the Custom skin:
Admin = /admin/b2edit.php?blog=5
Profile = /index.php/home?disp=profile&redirect_to=%2Fb2e%2F%3Fblog%3D5%26amp%3Bpage%3D1%26amp%3Bdisp%3Dposts
Logout = /htsrv/login.php?action=logout&redirect_to=%2Fb2e%2F%3Fblog%3D5%26amp%3Bpage%3D1%26amp%3Bdisp%3Dposts

It doesn't look right, so if someone could help me figure out what they should be, and where to edit them, that'd be nice :)

in the Admin section, the logout button at the top right = /b2e/htsrv/login.php?action=logout ...which deems to look correct, but it just bounces me back to /admin/b2edit.php?blog=5



2 Jul 13, 2004 22:19

Oh, just forgot, I am hiding blog #1 to #4 and using #5 as the main blog, #6 to #9 are other blogs that get listed (which work, i think)

I dunno if this was safe or not, but I deleted the demo user that was in the db, as well as group #3, and renamed group #1 to Administrators, #2 to Demo Users, and #4 to Registered users (registration is disabled though). I did create a group #5, called Unregistered Users, but I realized that wasn't possible. So i deleted #5.

3 Jul 14, 2004 03:43

oh, dumb me, cookies cookies! *mental note* if any issues with login/logout or errors with logging in and out, it's the cookies! [but shouldn't the cookies autoreset or something - and how come it seemed everyone who viewed my site gained admin access when it was just my PC with the bad cookie?]

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