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1 Jul 14, 2004 12:24    

Howdy! I'm new to b2volution after having played with b2 off and on for the last year. Currently using version (thanks to Fantastico!), and I've come upon a curious problem.

I like the summary.php page, specifically just listing all of the posts in all the blogs (blog_all). I've created a modified summary page which lists JUST blog_all and nothing more.

When I use the rest of my site's template with this, however, the search function, RSS feed links and admin controls do not display properly, and I get error messages of "Requested blog does not exist!".

Would anybody care to advise me as to what is going wrong, or what I can fix or change?

2 Jul 14, 2004 19:41

I'd advise you to upgrade to 0.8.6 is about half a year out of date now...

3 Jul 14, 2004 19:47

but will that actually resolve my issue?

4 Jul 14, 2004 23:48

Not sure, Kamet. It might. But, it will definitely mean that we're all speaking the same language. So far, you haven't been able to fix it yourself. Its doubtful that anyone who's been using 0.9 for several months will be able to remember what things used to be like several versions back, so we won't be of much help to you.

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