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1 Mar 24, 2009 04:06    

I'm finally gonna try to make it public. What I got right now has a fairly good list of what can be embedded, each of which can be turned on or off by the admin. Youtube and Vimeo have 'advanced' settings based on what they let you do. Here is my current list of embeddables: [list]

  • Ask A Ninja -

  • Break -

  • DailyMotion - - including a handful of 'sub flavors' they seem to have

  • Your Flash - from our very own John -

  • Google Videos -

  • iFilm - obsolete / exists solely for reverse compatibility

  • LiveVideo -

  • Metacafe - - including support for older embeds

  • Revver -

  • Vimeo -

  • Youtube -

  • [/list:u]Not a bad list eh?

    So what else is really cool out there? I want to go into test & debug mode on this puppy *NOW* which will take a couple of days. Finding a few embeddables of different size on vimeo for example, and all the various sub-flavors on dailymotion, and making sure that you can post 16 videos in one post without them stomping on each other isn't as easy as it sounds...

    Anyway during that time if something really freakin hot is out there that I am unaware of due to being a crusty old shut-in lemme know and I'll do what I can. Except for porn stuff yah? Like, sure they're out there and I'm not gonna say don't watch 'em, but it's probably not cool to make a plugin with a rating :roll:

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