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1 Apr 02, 2009 12:05    

This mainly concerns the Related Posts widget (not the plugin) that's included in the 3.1-beta. BUT instead I am going to use the Universal widget since it is more powerful than the Related Posts widget itself.


  • Add the following fields to the Related Posts widget:

  • [list]

  • Blog - this field should recognize entries such as: 1,2,3,4,5

  • Excerpt

  • Content teaser

  • Max Words

  • [/list:u]

  • Enhanced the Blog field of the Universal Widget to recognize "multi-blog" eg. 1,2,3,4,5

  • IF the 'Blog' field will be improved to recognize "1,2,3,4,5", then the 'Group by' field should have a new option:

  • [list]

  • By Blog, then category/chapter

  • By Blog

  • [/list:u]

    Those are my suggestions so far. (Currently using only the demo blog at

    2 Apr 18, 2009 01:08

    I'd like to see the Profanity Filter and Nested comments plugins make it into future releases. Our teachers love the nested comments. And the filter keeps our students in line in their feedback posts. They both work in 3.1.0, but it would be nice to see them integrated.

    The ability to use tiny browser in TinyMCE would be cool too.

    Is there a thread where we can request inclusions into future versions of B2E?

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