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1 Jul 15, 2004 15:39    

hey y'all!

yesterday I installed my blog and today I was costumizing it and I realise I don't know how to center the blog in the page...
I reduced the total width to 70%, I guess, and now I wanted to center it...

can anyone help me?

(this is sooooo n00b, sorry :oops: )

2 Jul 15, 2004 23:48

This is a client side issue (for Isaac, who will probably want to move it).

And, here's Isaac to the rescue:

There's lots of sites there that will help you. This is a css issue.

If you still can't find what you need, come back here and someone will help you...

3 Jul 16, 2004 00:26

:lol: Graham wrote:

This is a client side issue (...) This is a css issue.


yeah dude! :lol: b2evolution has nothing to do with this...css, what's that? :lol: dude, thanks for nothing... :lol:

mood: sarcastic

5 Jul 16, 2004 12:24

thanks, dude...

isn't it easier to post the code? it should be just a line or so...(if you know it, of course...)


6 Jul 16, 2004 12:47

I'm so dumb...
It's fixed now... thanks to 5 minutes of thinking...
If the 'table' is now 70%, the rest is 30%...
30 divided by 2 is 15

body {
	width: 70%
	margin-right: 15%; margin-left: 15%;

dumb ass...
it may cause some errors displaying in some browsers, but mine is fine, that's the important thing...

7 Jul 16, 2004 19:12

I didn't post the code, because there are at least 3 ways that you can center something in CSS. Seriously, check out the links that I gave you, and you'll learn a lot about how to do it, and make it work even in MSIE.

Also, I (and the w3c) wouldn't recommend using a table for layout. That's what DIVs are for.

8 Jul 16, 2004 19:26

And I didn't post the code, since you never learn anything if you don't look first. It might be better to make things add up to 99% because IE gets stroppy about things like that, it adds padding in all sorts of silly places (I know about IE's crap handling of css, I was having problems with it the other night...)/

9 Jul 16, 2004 19:59

Yeah, you sure were...

Freakin IE....

10 Jul 16, 2004 20:39

Hey, but I got there by myself...
Thanks for helping me in understanting that but I really know the basics but I got a blank on this particularly...
I know the best way is to learn by ourselves, that's what I've been doing for the last 12 years since I got my first pc... Yet, no one ever knows it all...
I just needed help on this little thing...
Have you check how it is now? Tell me what it looks like... Can you tell me if I did it well, at least?

11 Jul 16, 2004 20:53

It looks very nice. I really like the look of it. Very clean, easy to follow, easy to read. Good job.

I noticed this, though, probably just a typo or something in your _main.php:

<div class="bPosts">


<!-- =================================== START OF MAIN AREA =================================== -->

Where's that empty H2 coming from?

12 Jul 16, 2004 21:10

thanks, isaac. I'm glad someone liked it...

from _main.php:

<div class="bPosts">











13 Jul 16, 2004 22:32

Hm. Looks like those functions don't have a before and after argument, just a prefix. I was thinking you could do something like single_cat_title('<h2>','</h2>'), but that won't work. There's probably some way to get rid of the empty element without changing the functions, but it's probably not worth it.

15 Jul 17, 2004 03:23

Look at my skins, they do the same. I guess I should add this to the todo list at some point.

16 Jul 17, 2004 04:22

yep, but it works so what's the problem? :-/ O_?

17 Jul 17, 2004 10:55

There isn't one really, but it's just like having invalid code - it may work in most cases, but it could cause and issue in some odd browser - and it is extra characters that don't need to be downloaded, so it will shave off some of the page's loading time.

18 Jul 17, 2004 22:05

Yeah, it's really a non-issue, but it's an empty tag. Nothing particularly wrong with it, really. Graham, I don't think that it'd even cause a problem in any browser - empty tags are perfectly valid HTML, and have been forever. In fact, it'll put the spacing there.

It would be best, I think, to put something there when it's not any kind of "single_X_title" situation. Maybe a "not_single_title" function?

Keoshi, nice site. Looks great. Don't worry about anything, we're just geeking out a little :)

19 Jul 18, 2004 03:35

I think it would be better to not have anything there at all - I would rather not have the empty space there, personally.

20 Jul 18, 2004 12:18

isaac wrote:

Keoshi, nice site. Looks great. Don't worry about anything, we're just geeking out a little :)

Thanks a lot, dude! :D
About the 'geeking' part... I do geek a lot sometimes, it's cool ;)

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