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1 Jul 15, 2004 19:04    

Can someone please explain the differences between XHTML Strict and XHTML Transitional? Is there a benifit of using one over the other?

3 Jul 16, 2004 15:26

Thanks Isaac, that does help explain it. I guess I should have talked to Google first, but I didn't seem to ask the right questions.

If I want my site to validate as strict, can I uncomment the lines in the conf/_formatting.php, comment the lines marked transitional and then work from there? I guess I'm asking, if the commented strict lines work. :)

4 Jul 16, 2004 19:10

I've found that it depends much more on what skin you're using. Most of the skins are transitional.

5 Jul 16, 2004 19:28

Yeah, if you can make your skin strict, then everything will be.

6 Jul 16, 2004 20:06

Sorry tim, I just realized I didn't answer your question.

Yes, you're doing it right.
Also make sure that the doctype in your _main.php of your skin file is set to strict, and that the page validates. (All or most of the html stuff is in the skin files, so those probably need to be tweaked to make them work, since most of the examples that you'll see are in transitional. But really, there isn't much difference, AFAIK, except that you can't use the "style" attrib in strict.)

7 Jul 16, 2004 20:34

Cool, thanks for your help guys. I have been working my template and finally got it to validate transitional and I was thinking about making it strict just for fun, but maybe I'll let that wait a little while. :D

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