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[2.x] User can choose group membership during registration?

Started by on Jun 03, 2009 – Contents updated: Jun 03, 2009

Jun 03, 2009 15:31    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Hi guys,

is there a possibility that a new user can choose (e.g. with dropdown list) a group during the registration process. So a user can register as an editor for a [u]special group and a special blog[/u]. Because my blogs will exist before any user can register and they won't have a administrator at the beginng.

So I want to add a dropdown list with all groups to the registrationpage. Is it possible? Please help me, I'm a complete newbie.

Matt :D

Jun 03, 2009 15:49

Far more secure for you as admin to "upgrade" a user to the correct group than to allow any man and his dog to choose his access level on (open) registration ;)


Jun 03, 2009 16:41

That would be right, but the groups will have restricted permissions, so the new users won't choose their access levels, because I would administrate the group permission.

e.g. I have 3 blogs and every blog has its own group (only these group memebers can write post in this special blog).
So, the new user can decide for which blog he/she wants to register.

Jun 03, 2009 17:18

Moved do feature requests

We can make some groups "open" for registration, so users may choose from those "open" groups. I think this makes sense.

Jun 03, 2009 17:31

That would be great, how and where can I do this??

Jun 03, 2009 17:34

You can't do this, it's the note/request for devs. We can just wait for replies and hope that they will add this in next release.

BTW this can be easily done with plugin.

Jun 03, 2009 17:51

And does such a plugin exits? Or do I have to develop it on my own?

Jun 03, 2009 18:07

You'd need to write your own plugin.

Take a look at /inc/plugins/model/_plugins.admin.class.php ( approx line 52+ ) for all teh supported plugin events :

	 * Get the list of all events/hooks supported by the plugin framework.
	 * Also puts in additional events provided by plugins.
	 * fp> please provide an example/use case
	 * Additional to the returned event methods (which can be disabled), there are internal
	 * ones which just get called on the plugin (and get not remembered in T_pluginevents), e.g.:
	 *  - AfterInstall
	 *  - BeforeEnable
	 *  - BeforeDisable
	 *  - BeforeInstall
	 *  - BeforeUninstall
	 *  - BeforeUninstallPayload
	 *  - DisplaySkin (called on a skin from {@link GetProvidedSkins()})
	 *  - ExecCronJob
	 *  - GetDefaultSettings
	 *  - GetDefaultUserSettings
	 *  - GetExtraEvents
	 *  - GetHtsrvMethods
	 *  - PluginInit
	 *  - PluginSettingsUpdateAction (Called as action before updating the plugin's settings)
	 *  - PluginSettingsEditAction (Called as action before editing the plugin's settings)
	 *  - PluginSettingsEditDisplayAfter (Called after standard plugin settings are displayed for editing)
	 *  - PluginSettingsValidateSet (Called before setting a plugin's setting in the backoffice)
	 *  - PluginUserSettingsUpdateAction (Called as action before updating the plugin's user settings)
	 *  - PluginUserSettingsEditDisplayAfter (Called after displaying normal user settings)
	 *  - PluginUserSettingsValidateSet (Called before setting a plugin's user setting in the backoffice)
	 *  - PluginVersionChanged (Called when we detect a version change)
	 *  The max length of event names is 40 chars (T_pluginevents.pevt_event).
	 * @todo Finish/Complete descriptions
	 * @return array Name of event (key) => description (value)
	function get_supported_events()
		static $supported_events;

		if( empty( $supported_events ) )
			$supported_events = array(
				'AdminAfterPageFooter' => '',
				'AdminDisplayEditorButton' => '',
				'AdminDisplayToolbar' => 'Display a toolbar on the edit screen(s)',
				'AdminDisplayCommentFormFieldset' => '',
				'AdminDisplayItemFormFieldset' => '',
				'AdminEndHtmlHead' => '',
				'AdminAfterMenuInit' => '',
				'AdminTabAction' => '',
				'AdminTabPayload' => '',
				'AdminToolAction' => '',
				'AdminToolPayload' => '',

				'AdminBeforeItemEditCreate' => 'This gets called before a new item gets created from the backoffice.',
				'AdminBeforeItemEditUpdate' => 'This gets called before an existing item gets updated from the backoffice.',
				'AdminBeforeItemEditDelete' => 'This gets called before an existing item gets deleted from the backoffice.',

				'AdminBeginPayload' => '',

				'CacheObjects' => 'Cache data objects.',
				'CachePageContent' => 'Cache page content.',
				'CacheIsCollectingContent' => 'Gets asked for if we are generating cached content.',

				'AfterCommentDelete' => 'Gets called after a comment has been deleted from the database.',
				'AfterCommentInsert' => 'Gets called after a comment has been inserted into the database.',
				'AfterCommentUpdate' => 'Gets called after a comment has been updated in the database.',

				'AfterItemDelete' => '',
				'PrependItemInsertTransact' => '',
				'AfterItemInsert' => '',
				'PrependItemUpdateTransact' => '',
				'AfterItemUpdate' => '',
				'AppendItemPreviewTransact' => '',

 				'FilterItemContents' => 'Filters the content of a post/item right after input.',
 				'UnfilterItemContents' => 'Unfilters the content of a post/item right before editing.',

 				// fp> rename to "PreRender"
				'RenderItemAsHtml' => 'Renders content when generated as HTML.',
				'RenderItemAsXml' => 'Renders content when generated as XML.',
				'RenderItemAsText' => 'Renders content when generated as plain text.',

				// fp> rename to "DispRender"
				// dh> TODO: those do not get called anymore!
				'DisplayItemAsHtml' => 'Called on an item when it gets displayed as HTML.',
				'DisplayItemAsXml' => 'Called on an item when it gets displayed as XML.',
				'DisplayItemAsText' => 'Called on an item when it gets displayed as text.',

// fp> These is actually RENDERing, right?
// TODO: Rename to "DispRender"
				'FilterCommentAuthor' => 'Filters the comment author.',
				'FilterCommentAuthorUrl' => 'Filters the URL of the comment author.',
				'FilterCommentContent' => 'Filters the content of a comment.',

				'AfterUserDelete' => '',
				'AfterUserInsert' => '',
				'AfterUserUpdate' => '',

// fp> This is actually RENDERing, right?
// TODO: Rename to "DispRender"
				'FilterIpAddress' => 'Called when displaying an IP address.',

				'ItemApplyAsRenderer' => 'Asks the plugin if it wants to apply as a renderer for an item.',
				'ItemCanComment' => 'Asks the plugin if an item can receive comments/feedback.',
				'ItemSendPing' => 'Send a ping to a service about new items.',
				'ItemViewsIncreased' => 'Called when the view counter of an item got increased.',

				'SkinTag' => '',

				'AppendHitLog' => 'Called when a hit gets logged, but before it gets recorded.',

				'DisplayCommentToolbar' => 'Display a toolbar on the public feedback form',
				'DisplayCommentFormButton' => '',
				'DisplayCommentFormFieldset' => '',
				'DisplayMessageFormButton' => '',
				'DisplayMessageFormFieldset' => '',
				'DisplayLoginFormFieldset' => 'Called when displaying the "Login" form.',
				'DisplayRegisterFormFieldset' => 'Called when displaying the "Register" form.',
				'DisplayValidateAccountFormFieldset' => 'Called when displaying the "Validate account" form.',

				'CommentFormSent' => 'Called when a public comment form has been sent and gets received.',
				'BeforeCommentFormInsert' => 'Called before a comment gets recorded through the public comment form.',
				'AfterCommentFormInsert' => 'Called after a comment has been added through public form.',

				'BeforeTrackbackInsert' => 'Gets called before a trackback gets recorded.',
				'AfterTrackbackInsert' => 'Gets called after a trackback has been recorded.',

				'LoginAttempt' => 'Called when a user tries to login.',
				'LoginAttemptNeedsRawPassword' => 'A plugin has to return true here, if it needs a raw (un-hashed) password in LoginAttempt.',
				'AlternateAuthentication' => '',
				'MessageFormSent' => 'Called when the "Message to user" form has been submitted.',
				'MessageFormSentCleanup' => 'Called after a email message has been sent through public form.',
				'Logout' => 'Called when a user logs out.',

				'GetSpamKarmaForComment' => 'Asks plugin for the spam karma of a comment/trackback.',

				// Other Plugins can use this:
				'CaptchaValidated' => 'Validate the test from CaptchaPayload to detect humans.',
				'CaptchaValidatedCleanup' => 'Cleanup data used for CaptchaValidated.',
				'CaptchaPayload' => 'Provide a turing test to detect humans.',

				'RegisterFormSent' => 'Called when the "Register" form has been submitted.',
				'ValidateAccountFormSent' => 'Called when the "Validate account" form has been submitted.',
				'AppendUserRegistrTransact' => 'Gets appended to the transaction that creates a new user on registration.',
				'AfterUserRegistration' => 'Gets called after a new user has registered.',

				'SessionLoaded' => '', // gets called after $Session is initialized, quite early.

				'AfterLoginAnonymousUser' => 'Gets called at the end of the login procedure for anonymous visitors.',
				'AfterLoginRegisteredUser' => 'Gets called at the end of the login procedure for registered users.',

				'BeforeBlogDisplay' => 'Gets called before a (part of the blog) gets displayed.',
				'SkinBeginHtmlHead' => 'Gets called at the top of the HTML HEAD section in a skin.',
				'SkinEndHtmlBody' => 'Gets called at the end of the skin\'s HTML BODY section.',
				'DisplayTrackbackAddr' => '',

				'GetCronJobs' => 'Gets a list of implemented cron jobs.',
				'GetProvidedSkins' => 'Get a list of "skins" handled by the plugin.',

				'PluginUserSettingsEditAction' => 'Called as action before editing a user\'s settings.',

There's doc pages for them all, but buggered if I can find them, I find it easier to read code ;)

The hooks you'll ( probably ) require are ;
'DisplayRegisterFormFieldset' => 'Called when displaying the "Register" form.',

'RegisterFormSent' => 'Called when the "Register" form has been submitted.',


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