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1 Jun 10, 2009 10:39    

Hello! I cringe to write such a silly question, but here goes.

I have a long list of (very rudimentary) questions, but I cannot find any answers in the FAQs, the manuals, online, or by Googling outside resources. I've always been kind of self taught but I do rely on Googling, Dummies books, Visual Quickstart, Help functions, like that. I'm not stupid, I get the general sense that the nature of B2Ev is such that there aren't really those supports.

I'm very frustrated, every time something comes up, there really is no help for super beginners. It's obvious to me the discussions here are way over my head. To re-cap, when a really rudimentary question arises, there really is no answer.

For example, how do you add a section - you go to the manual and it defines section but does not say how to do it. Nowhere online is there an answer? How to hand code a move function, how to edit inside a post when the buttons don't work, how do you get something to post in a section but not in main. I'm used to just using a manual or something but here - for those things - it doesn't exist?

Maybe what I'm really asking is to verify that B2Ev really is only for people already so advanced that those questions seem retarded (my boss set it up and gave it to me to add content).

Thanks!! :D

2 Jun 10, 2009 11:11

Hi kapule

Welcome to the forums. There are many people on the forums that are more than happy to try and help no matter what level a question you are asking. Post your questions here and we will do our best to answer them. :-)

We may need to figure out what you are trying to do as I am not sure what you mean by a section or a move function but tell us what you are trying to achieve and we will try and get you there.


3 Jun 10, 2009 13:20

Hi kapule. As lturner said, we're kinda cool about answering whatever questions you might have no matter how "noobish" you might think they are. EVERYONE learns stuff by poking around and asking for some guidance eh?

Just please when you ask kinda try to keep your questions topical and focused. Meaning "I have 11 questions" is really bad. Maybe 2 are about styles and 3 are about how to add bits and so forth, so group your questions accordingly. It helps us answer and it helps future visitors find the same answers later down the road.

Anyway part of the problem with documentation is that it is subject to change as soon as the core package changes. Development would be slowed down (which quite frankly is a really good idea lately) if the dev team took the time to document how each new feature or whatever was used or what it caused to have happen. THEN you would have to keep documentation on each version and probably a "diff docs" for those who are upgrading. It is very problematic!

Oh and as lturner briefly sorta mentioned, there is also the problem of understanding what each other means. "add a section" could be adding a new blog, or adding a new container to a skin, or adding a new widget to a container. So even if there was really neato documentation that took you from "I just heard of this" to "wow I'm an expert" it would assume that the reader somehow knew what b2evolution people mean by each and every word or phrase.

OT: I totally hate the term "slug". What a stupid nonsense term to apply to a CMS engine, but it is in there so it must have some sort of definition eh?

4 Jun 10, 2009 18:30

Just ask your questions and we will try to answer them. We may even add them to the FAQ/make the manual more complete. ;-)

EdB/OT: A "slug" is something like a... uhm... Well, I know I had to think about it, since I translated b2evo into German... Let me look that up. Ah yes, I translated it to [url=]"Schlagzeile"[/url], which would be "catchline", "headline", "caption" in English... That doesn't make more sense either, does it?
A "slug" is something like a short name used in URLs, like for chapters a.k.a. categories and blogs. You could have a category named "Cats" and use the slug "lovely-cats". If you use clean permalinks (or whatever b2evo calls them), you could access it with the URL

5 Jun 11, 2009 02:53

Ah yeah that covers it nicely. So ... a slug is a bit of text that helps make 'clean URLs' be a bit prettier through customization.

6 Jun 11, 2009 20:29

do what i do.. if you dont know what to enter, try to bypass it empty, if you are not allowed to, just type asdfgh and keep on P:

7 Jun 20, 2009 19:41

Great Work !


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8 Jul 10, 2009 09:50

Dunno if you are still around Kapule as it's been a month since you posted, but I have to say that I agree with every word you say!

I'm a 53 year old who has just taken up an offer of early retirement from the UK Civil Service and my plan was that I would set up a website where I would use the experience and expertise I gained there to offer a service which would go towards me maintaining my standard of living.

Now, I have used computers at home and in work for twenty five years and more, so, unlike some of my friends of a similar age, I am in no way intimidated by them. Like you Kapule, I tend to muddle through stuff I am not used to by visiting FAQs, manuals etc. and that is what I did with the forms design and website creation software I used as I set about building my original site.

However, I was then told by someone in the field that I worked in that I would be better off using a blog rather than a website because "Google likes blogs". Therefore, I did some research, settled on b2evolution to help me build a blog and I've got to say that there have been plenty of times in the past couple of weeks when I have cursed that person for pointing me in the direction he did and myself for the decision I made!

I like to think that I am not an idiot, but after visiting the online manual and this forum a few times recently, I am beginning to have my doubts because I just don't understand what is being talked about!

I really don't like the fact that my first post on this forum is such a negative one because you all seem to be a decent and helpful bunch on here. However, I can only echo what Kapule says - the Manual and this forum are set at such a level that you get the impression that b52ev is not for new bloggers, but only for people with a degree of expertise in field of blogging (certainly, I have never felt as out of my depth reading a manual or visiting a forum as I do here).

Sorry, but I had to say it.

9 Jul 10, 2009 10:15

No need to apologize for expressing some facts.

Oh and welcome to the forums :)

Personally I think the manual is junk but it ain't my call to either have it or ditch it. Way back when we had a different manner of making a manual which was extremely limited, so it got changed to the new thing. Now good luck finding stuff ... and good luck with it being applicable to the version you are running! Terminology is *always* a nightmare, so maybe a simple glossary of terms used by this software would be beneficial? The default posts are sort of like a guided tour through using the software, so that's kinda cool and will (in theory) be very applicable to the version you just installed.

Something to keep in mind is that working with and being comfortable with computers pretty much doesn't mean "automagically knows everything about every new piece of software out there". It should mean you're reasonably comfortable clicking around and probably know the difference between a browser and an OS though ;) Anyway dig this: if doing research led you to this tool then hey cool. That means it is probably the tool for you ... unless frustration drives you to try your second place choice.


This is a pet peeve issue of mine: user-friendliness straight out of the box.

Maybe the manual, junk though it may be, should be clearly split by major version generation? v1.* is still not completely deprecated, so a manual for v1.10.3, then another for v2.* and finally a beta manual for the 3.* generation that hasn't seen a stable release yet.

Maybe the developers should not make a release without giving fair effort to some sort of documentation as well? So like before the next release in the v3 "not ready for prime time" series comes out the v3 manual would be reviewed for accuracy and appropriate changes so that the new release is supported when it hits the streets? Oh and any mention in the manual of stuff that existed only in a beta release eventually gets wiped.

In fact why would v3.0.0 and v3.1.0 not be considered obsolete already? They were released KNOWING they were not a final product. Anyone using them should KNOW CLEARLY they are using a work in progress, and they should be obsoleted when the next step is published.

Oh well. The whole support side other than in here is pretty bad. Even comments in code and the overly-geeky manual that is built from it doesn't do as well anymore.

Anyway you should just ask questions and we'll answer 'em if we can. That method usually works :D

10 Jul 10, 2009 12:23


I have used paypal on a b2evo blog before so I am not sure what the problems could have been. Only the 'buy now' type buttons but they seemed to work really well.

If you did want to try it out and get stuck then just post a new thread on the support forum like ¥åßßå said and I will do my best to help. Other than that the link in the sidebar will work just fine. I just wanted to say that unless what you are trying to do is way more complicated than what I did there is no reason to stay away from the b2evo/paypal combination :)


11 Jul 10, 2009 12:23

It's a shame you didn't post before me because then I could have made a one liner :P


12 Jul 10, 2009 12:26

I think I totally jacked up 2 threads with a split :(

13 Jul 10, 2009 12:26

I'll try and be quicker next time :D

Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to post it before the post was moved :)


14 Jul 10, 2009 12:28

I'm used to looking like I'm talking utter nonsense :D


15 Jul 10, 2009 12:39

Especially to Iturner for answering my Paypal query

Has my other message been moved somewhere else?

20 Jul 10, 2009 12:47

Some days you just get lucky :D


21 Jul 24, 2009 09:14

When I started with b2evo I had no idea where to begin...just an assignment from my boss to create a blog...with a custom skin. That was ten months ago. Now...I'm getting to be passable at making a blog do what I need it to do. So...don't give up. Ask really specific questions and you'll get great answers back.

22 Jan 22, 2010 01:14

Hi! I am a newbie here and i just looked for threads to see what's going on. I found that members of this forum are all willing to help so it doesn't matter whether my problem is in the manual or not. They are always ready to answer all queries especially if for the newbies that's what I noticed.


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