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1 Jul 04, 2009 17:45    

I'm running 3.2-beta, and I like the fact that under blog settings one can see what containers are included in a particular skin.

What I'm wishing is that this information could be available with the skin list--both the skins in admin (so one can know what containers are there without changing the skin of a blog to test it) AND in the skins list under Extend on the website (so one can know... without downloading, installing, and changing).

Contextual elaboration: This is part of a larger observation that the way skins are offered is about colors and pictures more than about the structure of the skins. Yes, one can select only right or left or three columns, but when I look through the offerings, I'm looking for essentially a template that already has the containers I want in close to the arrangement I imagine--so I'm doing my best to screen out colors, fonts, pictures. (Like looking for a house: you want the right floorplan, you can always repaint the walls. Yes, one could add on a room, etc--but its faster if you find what you want.)

ANYway: I wind up noticing this every time I try to do something in b2evo, and here, now, I have a concrete suggestion to begin to address it: list containers of each skin on the skin selection page (both admin and website).

2 Jul 04, 2009 20:39

A graphic representation of the container layout would beat the pants off of a list of containers. For example, is "Page Top" or "Header" or "Top Menu" at the actual top of the page? Imagine getting an alternative image when you mouse-over the skinshot image that reveals a structural layout...

3 Jul 16, 2009 03:20

I haven't been active in the forums in a while, but I still maintain the skin directory. I'm open to this idea, but it would take some serious time to implement. I can set up a parent category for containers, but we would need some volunteers to go throuh each skin and tag it with the appropriate categories.

4 Jul 17, 2009 14:23

Shouldn't make a commitment till I've tried it--but I'd be willing to give the tagging piece an exploratory try. What, exactly, do you need?

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