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1 Jul 07, 2009 23:25    

I expect to give credit for b2evolution, and I don't mind giving multiple credits (if that is what folks think is helpful or needed).

My issue is that the "canned" credits are not right for the applications I am running.

For example: one of my installations has, at the bottom, "powered by b2evolution open source | multiuser | multiblog" That installation is for a non-profit group; b2evo gets an unassuming credit there, and the multilingual piece is quietly omitted as just not of much interest for this demographic--tmi.

Another installation, for which I have some advertising aspirations, has this at the bottom "powered by the b2evolution blog/cms engine" AND--more than a credit--an endorsement at the bottom of the 3rd (advertising) column: " is proud to be powered by the b2evolution engine: open source | multilingual | multiuser | multiblog"

Then there is skin credit. I've never run anything with an unmodified skin, but on some occasions when it seemed to me that there were elements visible of both my own tastes and the base skin I began with, I have run "skin modified by (martha), based on a skin by (skin author)". (And yes, all these credits are also links.)

All that said: I wish (1) it were easier to replace inappropriate credits (Skin Facktory, web hosts) with credits that were more contextually attuned to the demographic addressed. (Some folks are pissed off and grousing about this, but for myself I'd be interested hearing guidance/brainstorming that might INCREASE the variety of contextually appropriate forms of credit that could be given--but that's a further wish, and not so much for a feature.)

And (2) I wish the new "switch" for max credits (blog settings>advanced) actually worked. It gives 2 credits even on 0.... so this does not seem to be any part of achieving my wish #1. AND, it gives a sad face and a moral scolding, which (see above) I don't deserve and find annoying.

Isn't there a better way to go about getting b2evo the credit it deserves?

2 Jul 08, 2009 01:37

IMO shortly;

a.) they are not 'inappropriate'
b.) you are allowed to remove any of them as this is an open source software

To extend my point of view, afaic, powered by b2 is essential, it should stay there as an appreciation of the great software you are using for free.To me, removing it is rude.

About the other ads, a few extra clicks would not hurt, maybe their contribution to b2evolution bugdet is low, but b2 needs all the contr. it can get, so i dont mind keeping them, you may do, and remove them as well, some even think they are 'spam' (: afaibeleive, it is not in spam stature nor a linkback of course, stand somewhere between these two.

And about the last question, the best way of helping b2 is endorse other people to use it, and let it be heard as much as it deserves..Depending on my experiences b2evolution is far more secure and efficient than wordpress, phpnuke, maybe even joomla -if we ignore the plugin variety- but unfortunately it's less popular than all

3 Jul 08, 2009 02:15

As I said, I have ALWAYS credited b2evolution, and am glad to do so.

Sometimes I have chosen to go beyond the forced credit and have included an endorsement of, yes, what I too think is an excellent program. Other times, I have slightly adapted the credit to the sensibilities of my audience.

I simply wish for the control to do these things without having to hack, and without being reprimanded.

4 Jul 08, 2009 07:50

I usually remove all these crap links and leave only "Powered by b2evolution" either text or image, but not both.
I do like this great software, but I think that 4 links back is crazy.

5 Oct 22, 2009 01:27

I agree with the need to have more control over the credits.

I have no problem about the 'Powered by' link because b2evo is a great software and it's the software used to power the website. I like to spread the word about this great and FREE software.

However other links, as raised by original poster, seem and may be inappropriate demographically or for the nature of the website itself, eg a corporate website.

7 Oct 22, 2009 08:58

Also, in the 3.x series there is a setting in the Blog Settings -> Advanced tab to allow you to set the number of credits shown. Set it to zero and you won't see any.


9 Oct 23, 2009 19:15

Back in March '02, using the then-current, not-yet-final version of b2evo 3.xx, the switch was there, but didn't work. See first posting above. Has it been fixed? (I "fixed" it myself on my installation by some brute force means, so I can't easily check it myself.)

I hate to even comment again on what seems to be a contentious matter. Let me repeat: I do not want to REMOVE credits, I want control over their form/format/content. I have ALWAYS credited and linked back to b2evolution, often more conspicuously and/or effusively than the canned credit would do. So please don't attribute other people's attitudes to me! ;)

10 Oct 23, 2009 19:18

Hi martha

The setting works for me :)


11 Oct 23, 2009 19:25

Great! One less thing to hassle with when I upgrade (here in a minute. . . yeah, right.)

12 Oct 25, 2009 04:01

I only tested it once without the hacks.php solution in place (on v3.3.1) but did not notice immediate results. In other words, with the setting at 0 (and the laughably false claim that it removes all credits), I still had the spam links in the footer. AND a traditional linkback in the footer AND a traditional linkback in the sidebar AND splog links claiming to be the source of the skin.

Anyway I inferred that in order for the 'setting' to actually matter meant one had to wait until the spyware activated in the footer of every admin page refreshed the cache, which is the where those spam links live.

That setting is a joke and an insult.

13 Oct 25, 2009 09:48

Indeed, the only thing that the setting changes is the display of the links to FP's site and all the web hosting pages on the b2evo site. All the entries controlled by :

		// Display additional credits:
		// If you can add your own credits without removing the defaults, you'll be very cool :))
		// Please leave this at the bottom of the page to make sure your blog gets listed on
		credits( array(
				'list_start'  => ' | ',
				'list_end'    => ' ',
				'separator'   => '|',
				'item_start'  => ' ',
				'item_end'    => ' ',
			) );

Using the evopress skin with the setting set to 3, in the footer I get:

Credits: free blog tool | green web hosting | FP

Which links back to the main b2evo site, one of the hosting pages and FP's site. These all disappear when I set the setting to 0

I think they are the main ones most people have a problem with but I guess skin hacking is required for the rest :(


14 Nov 04, 2009 22:53

As mentioned by lturner, the setting control the credits displayed by the credits() call in the footer and does so IMMEDIATELY after you press the submit button.

I can see only one reason why it wouldn't work: some third party skins have their own credits or don't use the normal credits() call.

I guarantee it works with all skins that ship with b2evo. We don't really have control over what independent skin authors do.

15 Dec 12, 2009 00:04

In b2evo 3.3.2, the version of the file that ships loose inside of blogs/skins has two credits in html code, not under php control:

.... ?>
Powered by <a href="" title="b2evolution home" target="_blank">b2evolution</a>
Credits: <a href="">skin makers</a>
// Display ....

So zero = two.

(I'm currently updating my sites to 3.3.2, so far very pleased except for this little thing....)

And PS: as I keep saying, I WANT to credit b2evo, it's a great program, I just want to do it MY way. Which I have been doing since my earliest use of it--0.8, I believe. Aren't user testimonials more convincing when they are not scripted by somebody else?

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